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DEC/2009: alpha1 EXHIBID (demo instance) served 63434 pages in december 2009 (ausgelieferte Webseiten/Monat: Dezember).

the final 'stats' DEC 09

exhibid europe linz
high return/cache rate. underperform: new content. (offline)

The old server hardware (no. III) for
exhibid linz v0,1 alpha has applied
for retirement and  has been shut down
now (next srv. no. IV).

Thanks for the feedback.

scheduled start up, eg.
   "alpha1" exhibid europe v0,11 instance

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exhibid v0.1
  design (c) 2006-2008. screenshot.
     v0.1 in touchscreen mode + livebeam in HD resolution: artwork/artist/title and exhibID (eg A7X-1) as reference